Lightweight PHP package designed to enhance the output of your CLI applications using Termwind & Laravel Prompts

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Console Components is a lightweight PHP package designed to enhance the output of your CLI applications. With Console Components, you can easily print beautiful and formatted output to the terminal using simple methods provided by the package. Say goodbye to dull and monotonous terminal output and give your applications a professional and polished look with Terminal Beautifier.

These components are extracted from Laravel's console package, that helps individual applications outside from Laravel environment.


You can install Console Components via Composer:

composer require uttamrabadiya/console-components


use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::info('Hello World! PHP is beautiful');

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::warn('Please check message');

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::error('Something went wrong!');

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::alert('Hello World!');

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::ask('What would you like to build today?');
Writer::ask('Something secret to ask', hidden: true); // Ask secretly

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::askWithCompletion('How are you today?', ['Good', 'Better', 'Ok Ok']);

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::bulletList(['Item 1', 'Item 2', 'Item 3']);

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::choice('What are you working on today?', ['Open source application', 'Building Profile', 'Inventing new feature']);

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::confirm('Are you sure you want to continue?');

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::twoColumnDetail('PHP', 'Installing');

use ConsoleComponents\Writer;

Writer::table(['Applications', 'Version'], [['PHP', '8.2'], ['NGINX', 1.2], ['MySQL', 8.0]]);


Console Components is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license