Provides a datetime-implementation that is always UTC

1.1.1 2019-05-16 06:04 UTC


A small library that always uses UTC for your DateTime-Objects no matter what you input.

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UTCDateTime is installed via composer. Call composer require utcdatetime/utcdatetime from the commandline in your project.

Alternatively you can include the following line in your composer.json inside the require-section:

"utcdatetime/utcdatetime" : "stable"


Use the UTCDateTime- or UTCDateTimeImmutable-Object just like PHPs own DateTime-Objects. You do not have to rewrite any productive code. Just add use UTCDateTime/DateTime resp. use UTCDateTime\DateTimeimmutable to the use-section of your PHP-file. That will cause PHP to use the UTCDateTime-Objects instead of the PHP-Internal DateTime-Objects.

Calls to setTimeZone will be ignored, all other calls will be executed just as before. The only difference will be, that no matter what you put into the DateTime-Objects, it will always contain the UTC-representation of your date. And there is no way to change that.

So any Datetime-data will always be correctly converted to UTC and you can then work with that like so:

use UTCDateTime\DateTime;
$date = new DateTime('2014-11-03 12:34:56', new DateTimeZone('Europe/Berlin'));
echo $date->format(DateTime::RFC3339);
// 2014-11-03T10:34:56+00:00

Additional Constants

This package also introduce some more formating-constants.

Those include:

  • DateTime::RFC7231 for formatting date according to RFC 7231
  • DateTime::PDF for formatting dates for internal PDF-Storage


This code is licensed under the MIT-License.


Contributions are always welcome. Fork the repo, do whatever you like and open a pull request!