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UserBase PHP Client: Identity + Login + Signup Service

v2.0.2 2020-02-25 10:46 UTC


About Userbase

Userbase is a micro-service with a REST/JSON API that manages users, organizations and api keys.

A Userbase Client can make calls to a Userbase Server authenticate users, get account details, etc.


Instantiate the client

Instantiate a new client object:

$url = '';
$client = new Client($url);

The provided credentials need to have "Admin" privileges on the Userbase Server.

Check credentials

if (!$client->checkCredentials('alice', 'shhhh')) {
  exit('Invalid credentials');
echo 'Welcome back!';


The examples/ directory contains a few example scripts that you can use during testing and development.

First, copy the .env.dist file to .env. Edit the contents to match your Userbase server and credentials.

cp .env.dist .env e
edit .env # Edit configuration, database settings etc
 ./vendor/bin/envoi validate  # Run command validate based on meta file .env.yaml

Then you can simply execute the examples like this:

php examples/checkcredentials.php alice sshhh

Please refer to the examples/ directory for other examples.



A Silex Provider is available here


A Symfony bundle can be found here. It works with Symfony 4 and 5 projects.


MIT. Please refer to the license file for details.

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