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Simple, yet good spam protection module for Silverstripe.

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dev-master 2016-01-10 22:18 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-03 13:26:51 UTC



Provides a hidden FormField which allows form to validate for non-bot submissions by checking if the value in that field is correct.

Maintainer Contact

  • Elvinas Liutkevičius <elvinas (at) unisolutions (dot) eu>



  • Copy the uniprotect directory into your main SilverStripe webroot
  • Run ?flush=1


As a Standalone Field

If you want to use UniProtect field by itself, you can simply just include it as a field in your form.

$uniprotectField = new UniProtectField('MyUniProtect');

Integration with Spamprotection module

This requires the SpamProtection module to be installed, see its documentation for details. You can use this field to protect any built informs on your website, including user comments in the Blog module.

Configuration example in mysite/_config/config.yml

	default_spam_protector: 'UniProtectProtector'

Then once you have setup this config you will need to include the spam protector field as per the instructions on the SpamProtection module page.