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A simple module to manage advertisements on pages for Silverstripe.

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A simple module to manage advertisements on pages.

This is based on the silverstripe-advertisements module created by Marcus Nyeholt from https://github.com/nyeholt/silverstripe-advertisements and silverstripe-AdManager module created by Hans de Ruiter from https://github.com/hdrlab/silverstripe-AdManager. It will conflict with those modules, so do NOT install them.

This is fork from https://github.com/hdrlab/silverstripe-AdManager, so key differences between de Ruiter's AdManager module and this one are:

  • This module is compatible with Silverstripe 3
  • Removed all dependancies to other modules (ItemSetField)
  • Default ads configuration in the Site Config removed. Ads are now shown depending on Start date, Expiration date and Active status on Ad and Ad Campaign.
  • Ad Zones added. Now ads should be assigned to an Ad Zone.
  • Advertisements can be uploaded to CMS. It can be any type of image or flash file.
  • Multiple advertising banners of different sizes can be specified
  • Advertisements are served at random (from within the selected campaigns or advertisements) based on the given Ad Zone. So it is now possible to display two banners with the same dimensions on the same page.

Maintainer Contact

Elvinas Liutkevičius

<elvinas (at) unisolutions (dot) eu>


SilverStripe 3


Simply install the module using the standard method.

Note that ads are inherited hierarchically, so activating ads will mean those ads are used across all pages unless otherwise specified in a content tree. All existing pages will initially be set to not inherit, so you will have to change this manually.

  • Navigate to the "Ads" section

  • Create some Zones

  • Create some Advertisements

  • If you want to group the ads in a collection, create an Ad Campaign. These in turn can be associated with a client.

  • On the Advertisements tab of a page, you can select the individual ads (or campaign) to be displayed.

  • In your page template, use the $DisplayAd($zone) function

    $DisplayAd(TopZone) or $DisplayAd(LeftZone)

It is possible to create an Ad Zone (subzone) with a parent Ad Zone. This allows you to create an additional Ad Zone in page without editing the page template. You can arrange the subzones in your way by specifying the Order value. The ads will be shown in this way:

Ad in Zone (if exists)
Ad in Subzone1
Ad in Subzone2

Check the UniadsObject class for more.