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Latest Tweets module for SilverStripe.

dev-master 2016-01-10 22:17 UTC

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Latest Tweets module for SilverStripe.

Maintainer Contact

Elvinas Liutkevičius

<elvinas (at) unisolutions (dot) eu>


SilverStripe 3


Simply install the module using the standard method.

This module uses SS_Cache to reduce the amount of Twitter REST API requests. Default cache lifetime is 30min. You can change this value by putting this line in your _config.php (1800 is cache lifetime in seconds):

SS_Cache::set_cache_lifetime('LatestTweets_cache', 1800, 10);


Simple. Just place $LatestTweets anywhere in your template.

If you're unhappy with default tweet list template you can override the default LatestTweets.ss template.

Third parties

Uses tmhOAuth library written in PHP by Matt Harris (http://themattharris.com), specifically for use with the Twitter API.