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Add logging to registeraddress to full fill law needs

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1.0.6 2019-04-10 09:41 UTC

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This extension adds logging to the registeraddress extension.

This may be needed by law depending on your country if you use registeradress as newsletter subscription.

For example in germany you need to proof that a user unsubscribed/subscribed.

See https://www.e-recht24.de/artikel/ecommerce/6534-newsletter-rechtssicher-erstellen-und-versenden.html


So in general the extension will create log entries for the following user action: create/update/delete/approve.

The extension will log the IP address, email, timestamp of the action and consent text in a seperate table. So if the tt_address data is deleted you still have the logging proof.

The log entries are connected to the belonging tt_address data.


The Extension also provides a backend module to see all logging entries.



  1. Have registeraddress installed and ready
  2. Install registeraddress_logger
  3. Add static typoscript