Annotation based router

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Php annotation based router. Documentation can be found here


PHP version >= 7.1


To install ARouter, run the command below:

composer require undertext/arouter

Quick example

// Enable annotations autolading. This is a required step.
// Build annotaion based router, find controllers in 'src/Controller' folder.
$router = RouterFactory::getRouter('src/Controller');
// Get response based on request.
try {
   $response = $router->getResponse(ServerRequest::fromGlobals());
} catch (RouteHandlerNotFoundException $e) {
    $response = new Response(404, [], "Route not found"); // This is an example of Guzzle HTTP Response usage.

outputResponse($response); // outputResponse is a function that converts response to string and outputs it.

Main documentation sections:

NOTE: Due to Doxygen parser all code examples with PHP annotations do not wrap those annotations in DocBlock comment

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