Domain availability checker.

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Wisdom Build Status


Domain availability checker based on React/Whois.



$domain = '';
$wisdom = new Wisdom($client);
    ->then(function ($available) use ($domain) {
        printf('Domain %s is %s.', $domain, $available ? 'available' : 'taken');

// Outputs:
// Domain is taken.

See more examples.

Adding support for a TLD

This example uses the ch domain, replace .ch with your own one.

  • First, create the test cases:
$ whois > tests/Wisdom/Fixtures/whois/
$ whois > tests/Wisdom/Fixtures/whois/
  • Run the tests to make sure they fail.

  • Identify a string in the umpirsky-wisdom variant that identifies the domain as available.

  • Create the Wisdom\Whois\Parser\Tld\Ch class and implement the isAvailable method.

  • Run the tests to make sure they pass.

  • Create a pull request on GitHub.


To run the test suite, you need PHPUnit.

$ phpunit