UMD Terp is the base theme for all UMD drupal 8 projects.

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8.1.13 2020-01-27 16:31 UTC

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Last update: 2020-01-27 16:33:08 UTC


UMD Terp is the base theme for all UMD drupal 8 projects. It combines UMD approved elements and functionality, into a modified bootstrap theme. It is best used alongside the UMD Terp Base Module, which provides a suite of modules, and configuration to make this theme work as designed. It is also designed to integrate the UMD Schoolwide Header.

This theme can be used on its own, or as a base theme for further customizations via a custom sub-theme.



  • Ensure Twig Tweak Module is enabled.
  • Install as you normally would any drupal 8 theme.

Via Composer

  • composer require umd_digital/umd_terp --prefer-dist
  • drush en umd_terp or enable via admin UI


  • Download this repo into /themes/contrib/umd_terp
  • drush en umd_terp or enable via admin UI


Theme options

UMD Terp Header Settings

  • Light header style: Defaults to dark header/nav area. This option switches it to a light header/nav area.

UMD Terp Footer Settings

  • Address: The address of the department/institution/etc.
  • Phone Number: The phone number of the department/institution/etc.
  • Email: The email address of the department/institution/etc.

UMD Terp Social Media Accounts

  • Twitter Link: The twitter link of the department/institution/etc.
  • Facebook Link: The facebook link of the department/institution/etc.
  • Youtube Link: The youtube link of the department/institution/etc.
  • Instagram Link: The instagram link of the department/institution/etc.
  • LinkedIn Link: The linkedin link of the department/institution/etc.

UMD Terp Admin Settings

  • Assets Path: Dev use only. The assets path for any static images/etc in the theme, to be used in twig theming.



Semantic tagging must take place in github for the updates to be able to be pulled via composer. When ready to deploy, create a tag in github up one version from previous, with the starting version being 8.1.0:

  • Minor versions (non breaking changes): 8.1.1, 8.1.2, etc.
  • Major versions (breaking changes): 8.2.0, 8.3.0, etc.

Tagging is handled via Gitflow. Branch naming is as follows:

  • Production release branch: master
  • Next release development branch: develop
  • Feature branch prefix: f-
  • Release branch prefix: r-
  • Hotfix branch prefix: h-
  • Support branch prefix: s-

Core (base) theme issues, patches, etc

All edits, requests, etc should be submitted to the github repo for the UMD Terp Theme. Please add issues to the issues queue. Patches will be reviewed on a merit and resources available basis.


All CSS, JS, etc are based in the static folder. This project provides a development experience that mirrors the idfive Component Library but instead uses Bootstrap 4 as the underlying frontend library.

The UMD component library includes Fractal for component based development. Your own components can be added to the src/components folder. Static assets such as JavaScript, CSS and images will be served out of the build folder, but can also be configured to your specific needs by editing the fractal.js file. For more information, read the fractal guide.

See /static/ for more information on the frontend configuration.


THIS THEME SHOULD NEVER BE MODIFIED DIRECTLY. Instead, create a sub-theme so that you may still benefit from future releases of this base theme. Once you've done that, you can override CSS, templates, and theme processing from within that sub-theme. See Sub-themes for more information.

Notes on customization:

  • Several widgets include "dark mode". You should account for that if restyling kitchen sink widgets.
  • Don't forget to account for the UMD Schoolwide Header.