Metrics endpoint for trello data.

v0.3.0 2019-04-05 08:02 UTC

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Last update: 2020-02-05 10:35:57 UTC


This package uses the Trello REST api to query for some statistics and outputs them in OpenMetrics format to be scraped by prometheus.

You can also fire it up as a docker container.


In both cases, you will need the api key and an auth token, which you can create via https://trello.com/app-key

with Composer


composer req ujamii/prometheus-trello-exporter

Usage in your custom file

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$exporter = new \Ujamii\OpenMetrics\Trello\TrelloExporter('<TRELLO_API_KEY>', '<TRELLO_API_TOKEN>');

with Docker

The image is based on php:7.2-apache and thus exposes data on port 80 by default. Assuming you fire this up with -p 80:80 on localhost, you can see the metrics on http://localhost/metrics.

Configuration is done with 2 env variables: TRELLO_API_KEY and TRELLO_API_TOKEN.

docker run -d --name trello-prometheus -e TRELLO_API_KEY=verylongfoobarkey -e TRELLO_API_TOKEN=foobarlongtoken -p "80:80" ujamii/prometheus-trello-exporter

View on Docker Hub


The script will generate something like:

# TYPE trello_cards_in_list_total gauge
# HELP trello_cards_in_list_total Number of cards per list.
trello_cards_in_list_total{board="FooBar Board", list="To Do"} 2.000000
trello_cards_in_list_total{board="FooBar Board", list="In Progress"} 0.000000
trello_cards_in_list_total{board="FooBar Board", list="Done"} 16.000000
# TYPE trello_labeled_cards_on_board gauge
# HELP trello_labeled_cards_on_board Number of cards per board and label.
trello_labeled_cards_on_board{board="FooBar Board", label="on hold"} 2.000000
trello_labeled_cards_on_board{board="FooBar Board", label="late"} 1.000000
trello_labeled_cards_on_board{board="FooBar Board", label="needs input"} 5.000000
# TYPE trello_cards_per_board_member gauge
# HELP trello_cards_per_board_member Number of cards per board and member.
trello_cards_per_board_member{board="FooBar Board", member="John Doe"} 3.000000
trello_cards_per_board_member{board="FooBar Board", member="Jane Doe"} 13.000000