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  uchiko\SQL\QueryMaker - helper functions for SQL query generation


        my $query = sql_eq('foo', $v);
        $query->asSql();                 # `foo`=?
        $query->bind();                  # ($v)

        my $query = sql_lt('foo', $v);
        $query->asSql();                 # `foo`<?
        $query->bind();                  # ($v)

        my $query = sql_in('foo', array(
            $v1, $v2, $v3,
        $query->asSql();                 # `foo` IN (?,?,?)
        $query->bind();                  # ($v1,$v2,$v3)

        my $query = sql_and('foo', array8
        $query->asSql();               # `foo`>=? AND `foo`<?
        $query->bind();                # ($min,$max)

        my $query = sql_and(array(
            sql_eq('foo', $v1),
            sql_eq('bar', $v2)
        $query->as_sql();                 # `foo`=? AND `bar`=?
        $query->bind();                   # ($v1,$v2)

        my $query = sql_and(array(
            'foo' => $v1,
            'bar' => sql_lt($v2),
        $query->asSql();                 # `foo`=? AND `bar`<?
        $query->bind();                  # ($v1,$v2)

    This module is a php port of following perl modules:
    This module concentrates on providing an expressive, concise way to
    declare SQL expressions by exporting carefully-designed functions. It is
    possible to use the module to generate SQL query conditions and pass
    them as arguments to other more versatile query builders such as

    The functions exported by the module instantiate comparator objects that
    build SQL expressions when their "asSql" method are being invoked.
    There are two ways to specify the names of the columns to the
    comparator; to pass in the names as argument or to specify then as an
    argument to the "asSql" method.

  "sql_eq(array($column,) $value)"
  "sql_lt(array($column,) $value)"
  "sql_gt(array($column,) $value)"
  "sql_le(array($column,) $value)"
  "sql_ge(array($column,) $value)"
  "sql_like(array($column,) $value)"
  "sql_between(array($column,) $min_value, $max_value)"
  "sql_not_between(array($column,) $min_value, $max_value)"
  "sql_in(array($column,) $values)"
  "sql_not_in(array($column,) $values)"
    Instantiates a comparator object that tests a column against given

  "sql_and(array($column,) $conditions)"
  "sql_or(array($column,) $conditions)"
    Aggregates given comparator objects into a logical expression.

    If specified, the column name is pushed down to the arguments when the
    "as_sql" method is being called, as show in the second example below.

        sql_and(array(                   # => `foo`=? AND `bar`<?
            sql_eq("foo", $v1),
            sql_lt("bar", $v2)

        sql_and("foo", array(          # => `foo`>=$min OR `foo`<$max

    Aggregates given pairs of column names and comparators into a logical

    The value part is composed of as the argument to the "=" operator if it
    is not a blessed reference.

        my $query = sql_and(array(
            foo => 'abc',
            bar => sql_lt(123),
        $query->asSql();             # => `foo`=? AND bar<?
        $query->bind();              # => ('abc', 123)

  "sql_op(array($column,) $op_sql, $bind_values)"
    Generates a comparator object that tests a column using the given SQL
    and values. "<@"> in the given SQL are replaced by the column name
    (specified either by the argument to the function or later by the call
    to the "<as_sql"> method), and "<?"> are substituted by the given bind

  "sql_raw($sql, $bind_values)"
    Generates a comparator object from raw SQL and bind values. "<?"> in the
    given SQL are replaced by the bind values.

  "$obj->asSql($column_name, $quote_identifier_cb)"
    Compiles given comparator object and returns an SQL expression.
    Corresponding bind values should be obtained by calling the "bind"

    The function optionally accepts a column name to which the comparator
    object should be bound; an error is thrown if the comparator object is
    already bound to another column.

    The function also accepts a callback for quoting the identifiers. If
    omitted, the identifiers are quoted using "`" after being splitted using
    "."; i.e. a column designated as "foo.bar" is quoted as `foo`.`bar`.

    Returns a list of bind values corresponding to the SQL expression
    returned by the "as_sql" method.

    IN:        sql_eq('foo', 'bar')
    OUT QUERY: '`foo` = ?'
    OUT BIND:  array('bar')

    IN:        sql_in('foo', array('bar', 'baz'))
    OUT QUERY: '`foo` IN (?,?)'
    OUT BIND:  array('bar','baz')

    IN:        sql_and(array(sql_eq('foo', 'bar'), sql_eq('baz', 123)))
    OUT QUERY: '(`foo` = ?) AND (`baz` = ?)'
    OUT BIND:  array('bar',123)

    IN:        sql_and('foo', array(sql_ge(3), sql_lt(5)))
    OUT QUERY: '(`foo` >= ?) AND (`foo` < ?)'
    OUT BIND:  array(3,5)

    IN:        sql_or(array(sql_eq('foo', 'bar'), sql_eq('baz', 123)))
    OUT QUERY: '(`foo` = ?) OR (`baz` = ?)'
    OUT BIND:  array('bar',123)

    IN:        sql_or('foo', array('bar', 'baz'))
    OUT QUERY: '(`foo` = ?) OR (`foo` = ?)'
    OUT BIND:  array('bar','baz')

    IN:        sql_is_null('foo')
    OUT QUERY: '`foo` IS NULL'
    OUT BIND:  array()

    IN:        sql_is_not_null('foo')
    OUT QUERY: '`foo` IS NOT NULL'
    OUT BIND:  array()

    IN:        sql_between('foo', 1, 2)
    OUT QUERY: '`foo` BETWEEN ? AND ?'
    OUT BIND:  array(1,2)
    IN:        sql_not('foo')
    OUT QUERY: 'NOT `foo`'
    OUT BIND:  array()

    IN:        sql_op('apples', 'MATCH (@) AGAINST (?)', array('oranges'))
    OUT QUERY: 'MATCH (`apples`) AGAINST (?)'
    OUT BIND:  array('oranges')

    IN:        sql_raw('SELECT * FROM t WHERE id=?',array(123))
    OUT BIND:  array(123)

    IN:        sql_in('foo', array(123,sql_raw('SELECT id FROM t WHERE cat=?',array(5))))
    OUT QUERY: '`foo` IN (?,(SELECT id FROM t WHERE cat=?))'
    OUT BIND:  array(123,5)

    Uchiko <memememomo @ gmail com>

    SQL::QueryMaker <https://metacpan.org/pod/SQL::QueryMaker>