Drupal 8 base profile for the SiteFarm platform

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dev-8.x-1.x 2018-11-07 22:48 UTC

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SiteFarm Seed is a base profile for Drupal 8 meant for extending by a custom built sub-profile.

It provides sensible defaults and features that most websites will need.


Documentation is found in the /docs or at github https://github.com/ucdavis/SiteFarm_seed/tree/8.x-1.x/docs.

Test Coverage

SiteFarm Seed has complete test coverage with both PhpUnit and Behat.


FYI, the following links show fully themed components. SiteFarm Seed does not include any theming so that you can implement theming however you need something to look.

  1. Sensible Defaults: We did the tedious work that most websites need so you don't have to
  2. Content Types: Basic Page, Article, Event, Person, & Photo Gallery
  3. Block Types: Basic Block, Focal Link, Focus Box, Hero Banner, Marketing Highlight, & Marketing Highlight - Horizontal
  4. User Roles and Permissions: Contributor, Editor, Site Manager, Site Builder, & Administrator
  5. Image Styles: Pre-built images styles are ready to be overridden to match a custom theme
  6. Views: Dozens of Views create blocks and pages ready for content
  7. Polished: Lots of Drupal 8's rough edges have been smoothed out for regular day-to-day users

Example Sub-Profile template

An example template for using SiteFarm Seed with a sub-profile can be found on github. https://github.com/ucdavis/SiteFarm-distro-template

Composer is a requirement.