Read IIIF Presentation API resources into PHP objects that offer some convenient data extraction methods

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Last update: 2024-05-24 12:30:28 UTC


Read IIIF Presentation API resources into PHP objects that offer some convenient data extraction methods.

Requires at least PHP 5.6.

IIIF Presentation API support is primarily implemented for version 2.1, with some rudimentary support for Presentation API 3.0 and Metadata API 1.0.

Where to start

  • Any IIIF manifest (or any other IIIF Presentation API / Metadata API resource json document) as text content, URL or path can be loaded into a PHP object representing the document with \Ubl\Iiif\Tools\IiifHelper::loadIiifResource($resource). The object will contain all "child" resources in a property with the name of their properties in the IIIF Metadata API 1 (namespace Ubl\Iiif\Presentation\V1\Model\Resources), IIIF Presentation API 2 (Ubl\Iiif\Presentation\V2\Model\Resources) or IIIF Presentation API 3 (Ubl\Iiif\Presentation\V3\Model\Resources). You can also use most of these resources via interfaces that are defined in Ubl\Iiif\Presentation\Common\Model\Resources. These interfaces attempt to offer a (somewhat reduced) version independent funtionallity.
  • If you want to use any framework's functionality for retrieving remote documents instead of PHP's file_get_contents(), implement \Ubl\Iiif\Tools\UrlReaderInterface and use \Ubl\Iiif\Tools\IiifHelper::setUrlReader(UrlReaderInterface $urlReader) before loading any documents.
  • Use \Ubl\Iiif\Tools\IiifHelper::setMaxThumbnailWidth($maxThumbnailWidth) and \Ubl\Iiif\Tools\IiifHelper::setMaxThumbnailHeight($maxThumbnailHeight) to set the maximum dimensions for resource thumbnails that offer an IIIF image service for generating thumbnails.


  • Support annotation grouping (via Layer for Metadata API 1, Presentation API 2; via AnnotationCollection via Presentation API 3)
  • Finish Metadata API 1.0 and Presentation API 3.0 implementation
  • Improve annotation support regarding selectors / fragments as annotation targets as well as regarding resource types
  • Check performance for large manifests when there are hundreds or thousands of canvases or annotations per manifest
  • Handle resources that are only referenced and not contained (e.g. manifests in a collection)
  • Improve test coverage