Polyfill for var_representation: convert a variable to a string in a way that fixes the shortcomings of var_export

0.1.3 2022-08-31 12:59 UTC

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var_representation_polyfill is a polyfill for https://pecl.php.net/var_representation

This provides a polyfill for the function var_representation(mixed $value, int $flags = 0): string, which converts a variable to a string in a way that fixes the shortcomings of var_export()

See the var_representation PECL documentation for more details


composer require tysonandre/var_representation_polyfill


// uses short arrays, and omits array keys if array_is_list() would be true
php > echo var_representation(['a','b']);

// can dump everything on one line.
php > echo var_representation(['a', 'b', 'c'], VAR_REPRESENTATION_SINGLE_LINE);
['a', 'b', 'c']

php > echo var_representation("uses double quotes: \$\"'\\\n");
"uses double quotes: \$\"'\\\n"

// Can disable the escaping of control characters as of polyfill version 0.1.0
// (e.g. if the return value needs to be escaped again)
php > echo var_representation("has\nnewlines", VAR_REPRESENTATION_UNESCAPED);
php > echo json_encode("uses single quotes:\0\r\n\$\"'\\");
"uses single quotes:\u0000\r\n$\"'\\"
php > echo json_encode(var_representation("uses single quotes:\0\r\n\$\"'\\",
"'uses single quotes:\u0000\r\n$\"\\'\\\\'"