Backend module for TYPO3 to list and show documentation of loaded extensions as well as custom documents.

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v9.3.3 2018-07-31 08:20 UTC


This extension provides a Backend module for TYPO3 to show both the documentation of local extensions and custom documents.

The Backend module features two actions:

  1. Show Documentation
  2. Download Documentation

Show Documentation

This view shows a list of available documents:

  • Extensions with a manual rendered as html or pdf;
  • Extensions with an OpenOffice manual (sxw);
  • Official TYPO3 documentation (tutorials, references, ...) available locally;
  • Custom documents, rendered either as html or pdf.

To be listed, documents should be stored within typo3conf/Documentation/<documentation-key>/<language>/<format>/:

Extensions use the documentation key typo3cms.extensions.<extension-key>.
Either "default" (for English) or a proper locale identifying your translated documentation. E.g., fr_FR, fr_CA, de_DE ...
Either html or pdf. Additional formats may be supported by 3rd party extensions (such as EXT:sphinx).

Registering Custom Documents

  1. Choose a documentation key such as <company>.<document-name>

  2. Put your documentation as HTML (main file must be Index.html) within typo3conf/Documentation/<documentation-key>/default/html/ or as PDF (any name will fit) within typo3conf/Documentation/<documentation-key>/default/pdf/

  3. Create a text description file composer.json containing the title and description of your documentation and place it within typo3conf/Documentation/<documentation-key>/default/:

        "name": "Put some title here",
        "type": "documentation",
        "description": "Put some description here."
  4. [optionally] Put a custom icon (either icon.png or icon.gif) within directory typo3conf/Documentation/<documentation-key>/

Download Documentation

This view is only accessible to TYPO3 administrators. It shows a form to retrieve rendered documentation for loaded extensions and to fetch a copy of official TYPO3 manuals, guides and references from https://docs.typo3.org.


There are two User TSconfig options available:

Comma-separated list of keys of documentation that should be hidden from the user.
Comma-separated list of keys of documentation that should be shown to the user (others are implicitly hidden).