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  • PHP


    Image compression for all pngs and jpgs uploaded to the backend (using the way2enjoy API)

  • PHP


    Automatic backend authentication if TYPO3_CONTEXT matches

  • PHP


    Make the page tree remember its last position

  • JavaScript


    Make the backend page tree horizontally resizable

  • PHP


    The little TYPO3 slug helper

  • PHP


    The swiss army knife for all kinds of mailforms, completely new written using the MVC concept. Result: Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility :-).

  • PHP


    Transparent static file cache solution using mod_rewrite and mod_expires. Increase response times for static pages by a factor of 230!!

  • PHP


    A database with quotes which are displayed on the webpage in various ways, based on extbase & fluid for TYPO3 CMS

  • PHP


    This TYPO3 extension includes most relevant TCA configuration to demonstrate and test a MySQL-Trigger.

  • PHP


    The Backend Simplifier offers the configuration of the eight most commonly used properties for simplifying the TYPO3 backend by a mouse click. User interface is the extension manager. Enable page tree uids, use indvidual page tree icons, activate the extended view and the clipboard and the admin panel for all editors. Extend the cache thunderbolts with one for the system cache.

  • PHP


    Forum extension

  • PHP


    Fixes some issues concerning language fallback in TYPO3. Obtain the professional version for special extensions like powermail.

  • PHP


    Extension for EXT:news to display additional content "around" a single news-article. In templates additional areas can be defined and each area can be filled with content-elements. Imagine news enriched with tables, diagrams, footnotes or any other kind of Content-Elements.