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'Stories in Ready'


About the THEMES Project

The THEMES project was started with the idea in mind to provide a standardized way how the frontend output of TYPO3 should be created. So the approach is similar to the Wordpress or Drupal world, where we have standardized datastructures and renderers since ages.

We use http://wiki.typo3.org/Fluid to render the page templates normally, this allows to extend given themes, without the need to overwrite all. But you still can choose to render everything with TypoScript or marker based templates, even if this is not what we suggest.

To achieve that goal and to be highly flexible configurable at the same time we build a set of extensions which provides the needed functionality:

Extensionkey purpose of this extension
themes UI in the backend for theme switching
themes_gridelements provides datastructures to allow easy switching
theme_bootstrap base package for bootstrap 3.x
theme_foundation base package for foundation
dyncss* less and scss rendering
t3jquery standardized way of including javascript - not recommend anymore

Having the base packages and also ready made themes like:

It's easy and fast to start a new web project with less effort.

Combined with TYPO3 core features like distributions you can start the first structure of a webpage in minutes instead of hours.


To install THEMES and get started fast, we highly recommend to take the following steps:

Simply install the themes from TER you would like to have This will install all the needed dependencies and you are ready to go.

You can get the list of all themes which are available via the TER on typo3-themes.org

Some example themes are:

Additionally you can install a ready made distribution which also adds a pagetree into your TYPO3 installation:

This will make your TYPO3 serving a dummy webpage within some seconds.

Advantages for Developers

  • Configuration can be put in a VCS as all is managed in Files
  • Default set of backendlayouts
  • if standard is kept easily layout is easily without data loss
  • flexible and efficient to use
  • often we used FLUID instead of complex TypoScript
  • customizeable
  • works with all 12 column grid frameworks we know like:

Advantages for integrators

Advantages for Editors

  • easy to use
  • flexible
  • ...


We use the TYPO3 Slack channel to communicate:

Issues should be sent to the appropriate extension on github:

More resources


On www.typo3-themes.org you can view a list of THEMES available in the TYPO3 Extension Repository and soon agancies and certified integrators will be able to sell their own THEMES via that Plattform.

TYPO3 Theming und Distribution

This is the big documentation about themes, written by Thomas Deuling, Jo Hasenau and Kay Strobach. The book is written in german, but we plan to release an english version taking care of the current changes and CMS 7 soon.


Please take a look into Documentation/Index.rst if there is no documentation above this line.

This is a current github limitation :(


Build Status

The following image indicates the build status. Currently it's failing due to some codingstyle issues, to tackle them, the builds are tested with phpcs and the TYPO3 codesniffers, stay tuned we will tackle them all!