package for laravel 5.2 retrieve user datas serve for restful api authentication.

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##Laravel Socialite api This package is aim to retrive user data by access token when use OAuth2 Login, base on Laravel Socialite, useful for client side OAuth login

##Install composer require ray-cheng/laravel-socialite-api

open config/app.php add


to 'providers' array

check installed

php artisan list


    laravel-socialite-api:clear  providerName   
    laravel-socialite-api:make   providerName    

this will create a new folder 'Services' under app(or your base namespace folder)

** providerName must follow http://socialiteproviders.github.io/#providers principle **

##add event handler and listener to App\Providers\EventServiceProvider $listen property

    'SocialiteProviders\Manager\SocialiteWasCalled' => [


    $userInfo = Socialite::with('weibo')->stateless->user($accessToken);
    some oauth server like weixin need both $token and  $openid to get userinfos, so we need pass openid also.
    $userInfo = Socialite::with('weixin')->stateless->user($accessToken, $openId);