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Evgeny Muravjev Typograph, Authors: Evgeny Muravjev & Alexander Drutsa

EMT - Evgeny Muravjev Typograph


To build EMT you need php version 5.2 or newer. Suggested way to build typograph is to run builder.php through web-server.

E.g.: http://localhost/mdash/builder/builder.php

Then you will have 3 options: build for php, build for python, build tests for python.

Resulting files are located on root of the project: EMT.php


Use tools-php/online.php to test php version of the Typograph.

tools-php/example.php contains few examples, how to use typograph inside php. tools-py/ contains examples, how to use typograph inside python.


To run tests for php version you should go to the page tools-php/test.php through web-server. On this page you hit start to run all the tests.

E.g.: http://localhost/mdash/tools-php/test.php

To python tests you need first build test set from php version through builder/builder.php, and then run the tests:

cd tools-py



Debug EMT, use debug.php This script will show all the rules tat were used, for selected text and show step by step log.