A volunteer\non-profit organization matching application


What it's about:

Non-profit organizations typically need volunteers to assist in performing the organization's mission. Yet the community the organization serves may not be aware of all of its needs. There may also be potential volunteers in the community who are unaware of all of the non-profit volunteer needs. This application intends to help bring together non-profits and potential volunteers.

This project grew out of an effort by the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation to do just that - bring together non-profits and potential volunteers. This developer built a website that allowed non-profits to list available opportunities and e-mailed potential volunteers when new opportunities were listed. After a wholesale rewrite of that code using current technologies this application becomes available.

Matching of volunteers and opportunities is based on sets of Focus and Skill criteria. Focus criteria describe characteristics of a non-profit's mission and a volunteer's areas of interest. Skill criteria describe characteristics of the skills required by a non-profit's volunteering opportunity and skills offered by a volunteer. When a non-profit organization registers it identifies its focuses, and when it registers an opportunity it identifies skill criteria. When a volunteer registers he or she specifies both focus and skill criteria.

As new opportunities arrive, the site administrator is alerted. Upon logging in to the site the administrator sees the list of new opportunities and can simply click a button to e-mail all volunteers whose focus and skill characteristics match up with a non-profit's focus and its opportunity's skill requirements.

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Target audience

Community foundations and other organizations chartered with engaging volunteers in meeting the mission of non-profit organizations.

Getting started

The Volunteer Project is built on the Symfony framework. Because this is a work-in-process, you may find some significant deficiencies. Please be patient and kind in your consideration of this effort. For questions related to this project, please visit the project issues page