Packages from tributemedia

  • tributemedia/careers

    Drupal 9 module provides content type and basic configurations for a Careers feature.

  • PHP


    Creates Event nodes from a configured Google Calendar.

  • PHP


    Extends the testimonials module to include Google My Business reviews.

  • Twig


    Provides entity types and configuration for the photo gallery feature.

  • CSS


    Drupal 9 module provides configuration and settings to create and display Sponsor or Partner logos in various layouts.

  • Twig


    Provides the Testimonials content type, sample content, and view with page, standard block, and rotating block displays.

  • CSS


    Provides Directory Entry content type and related configuration. Directory Entries are used to add new people to your directory. A new Directory Entry will be automatically added to your directory page and sorted based on your site's configuration.

  • CSS


    Provides Project content type and related configuration. Use Projects to add new projects to your project gallery. Projects will be automatically added to your "Projects" page.

  • Twig


    Bootstrap based theme used as the base theme for Tribute Media's Drupal 9 or later sites.