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PHP Server side implementation of a SQRL generator/listener

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PHP Server side implementation of a SQRL generator/listener

This project is in pre-alpha until there is a defined reference implementation.

Follow the conversation at grc sqrl newsgroup for updates on the standard.

Software Requirements


The goal of this software is to provide a simple PHP implementation of Steve Gibson's SQRL authentication proposal. This library will allow any site using it to generate the QR code with a nonce, validate a signed nonce, and store the public key for connection to a site account.



  1. Download the composer.phar executable or use the installer.

    $ curl -sS | php
  2. Create a composer.json defining your dependencies. Note that this example is a short version for applications that are not meant to be published as packages themselves. To create libraries/packages please read the documentation.

        "require": {
            "trianglman/sqrl": "dev-master"
  3. Run Composer: php composer.phar update


If you want to have the library automatically store generated nonces and validated public keys, first generate the database tables based on the supplied ExampleStatefulStorage.php, then create a JSON config file based on the sample provided in sqrl/config.sample.json. You can then configure the generator or validator by calling the appropriate configure($filepath); method.

If you would rather manage storage of this information in your own tables, you can configure the generator manually:

$generator = new \Trianglman\Sqrl\SqrlGenerate();
//whether SQRL responses should come back over SSL (sqrl://)
//the domain sqrl clients should generate their key off of
//the path to the SQRL authentication script relative to the key domain

//The above would generate a SQRL URL pointing to 

You can also configure the size of the QR code generated and the amount of padding between the image edge and the start of the code, as well as supply your own salt for the nonce:



Generate a nonce

//Initialize the generator
$generator = new \Trianglman\Sqrl\SqrlGenerate();

//output the QR file to stdout

//get the nonce for other uses, i.e. link, etc.
$nonce = $generator->getNonce();

Verify a user's input

//initialize the validator
$validator = new \Trianglman\Sqrl\SqrlValidate();
$validator->setValidator(new \Trianglman\Sqrl\ed25519\Crypto());

//initialize the request handler
$requestResponse = new \Trianglman\Sqrl\SqrlRequestHandler($validator);
$requestResponse->parseRequest($_GET, $_POST, $_SERVER);

//check validation
$requestResponse = $obj->getResponseMessage();
$requestResponseCode = $obj->getResponseCode();


//Let the request handler also handle the response