Extracts video and audio data from files using getId3()

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This module allows metadata to be extracted from audio and video media files.

This module works best with the memoryimage module from If you have this installed then you can also extract, resize, and display embedded album art on pages.

Credits and Authors


  • SilverStripe 2.4.5, may work on lower versions
  • PHP 5.2

Installation Instructions

  • Extract all files into the 'mediadata' folder under your Silverstripe root.
  • To extract extra metadata from a File object you can use the MediaData property to access it.


Full PHPDoc documentation is included for all classes, so please check the code if you'd like more information.

The MediaData property of the File class contains these properties:

  • FileName
  • FilePath
  • Title
  • Artist
  • Album
  • Format
  • Duration
  • DurationString
  • Bitrate
  • FileSize
  • MimeType

The following functions return additional data:

  • Picture() will extract an Image object if there is an embedded album art
  • Audio() will extract further audio specific details
  • Video() will extract further video specific details

Audio() will return an object with the following properties (if there is audio information):

  • ChannelMode
  • ChannelCount
  • SampleRate

Video() will return an object with the following properties (if there is video/picture information):

  • FrameRate
  • Width
  • Height
  • PixelAspectRatio

Both the Audio() and Video() objects have these shared properties:

  • Bitrate
  • BitrateMode
  • BitsPerSample
  • Codec
  • CompressionRatio
  • Format
  • Encoder
  • IsLossless