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SQL migration plugin for CakePHP

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CakePHP SQL Migration Plugin


This is a CakePHP plugin to manage database schema updates


To install this plugin you can:

  • Clone the project on GitHub: Make sure to clone in in your app/Plugin directory, preferably in a directory called SqlMigration
  • Use Composer to manage this plugin as a dependency. To do this, simply add this to your composer.json file:
"minimum-stability": "dev",
"require": {
   "traackr/sql-migration": "dev-master"


All upgarde scripts are SQL scripts and are run via mysql therefore the mysql executable you want to use must be in your path for the plugin to work.


This plugin uses a database table (schema_versions) to keep track of schema upgrades. To get started you need to setup the plugin, which will create that table for you. Once the plugin is installed, simply do (in your app directory):

Console/cake SqlMigration.SqlMigration setup

It is safe to run this command multiple times. On subsequent calls, the command will simply try to apply any changes to the schema_versions table if any is requires (this might happen if/when you upgrade to a new version of this plugin).

Upgrade script

Upgarde scripts are simple SQL scripts and need to live in the following directory: app/Config/Sql. Ths script's names must follow this naming convention: upgrade-<version-number>.sql

Running an upgrade

To run the upgrade scripts on your schema, simply call:

Console/cake SqlMigration.SqlMigration

The SqlMigration plugin will run all the upgrade scripts that have not been applied yet (based on the information found in the schema-versions table). The version numbers to not have to be continuous (ie. you can skip some versions), the plugin will apply the scripts in sequence and skip missing versions. If you later add a new upgrade scripts for any missing version (e.g. one was created in a branch and merged with the main core later), these scripts will be applied the next time you run the plugin (i.e. it will try to fill the gaps).