October CMS Plugin to resize and compress images.

v1.4.0 2019-09-30 08:48 UTC

This package is not auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-01-06 04:18:27 UTC



Resizes an image to the required dimensions. It accepts a string with a file path to the image or a October\Rain\Database\Attach\File object (you will have one of these if you have used the attachOne or AttachMany relationship)

Please note, the not found image can be overwritten via the settings in the admin area.

Available filters

resize(int $width [, int $height , array $options]), imageWidth(), imageHeight()

Using a string

Please note, if the filter alters the URL, you must apply resize afterwards

{{ 'assets/graphics/background.jpg' | theme | resize(500,500) }}

Using a variable

{{ property.image | resize(500) }}

resize(int $width [, int $height , array $options])

Resize an image according to the given params. If $width or $height is 0, that value is calculated using original image ratio


Key Description Default Options
mode How the image should be fitted to dimensions auto exact, portrait, landscape, auto, fit or crop
offset Offset the resized image [0,0] [int, int]
extension The extension on the image to return auto auto, jpg, jpeg, gif, png
quality The quality of compression *requires cache clear 95 0-100
sharpen Sharpen the image across a scale of 0 - 100 *requires cache clear 0 0-100
compress Whether the image should be compressed or not. Only takes effect when TinyPng compression is enabled. true true,false

Usage in template

{{ property.image | resize(500, false, { mode: 'crop', quality: '80', extension: 'png' }) }}

Usage in PHP

The image resizer can also be used easily in PHP, as follows:

use ToughDeveloper\ImageResizer\Classes\Image;

$image = new Image('/path/to/image.jpg');
$image->resize(150, 200, [ 'mode' => 'crop' ]);

Usage in Backend List

The image resizer can also be used on backend lists with the type of thumb, e.g.

    label: Image
    type: thumb

This works with:

  • AttachMany (uses first image) Docs
  • AttachOne Docs
  • Mediafinder Docs

You can also optionally pass width (default 50), height (default 50) and options as follows:

    label: Image
    type: thumb
    width: 75
    height: 100
        mode: crop

imageWidth() - imageHeight()

Return current image width/height - useful if you need to know the size of an image resized only by one side.

{{ '/path/to/image.jpg' | resize(250) | imageHeight() }}

Image Compression via TinyPNG

The plugin integrates with the TinyPNG API to provide image compression. A developer API key is required, to obtain one visit Once obtained, enter it in the Image Resizer Settings area of October CMS backend.

TinyPNG offer 500 free compression per month, the plugin automatically caches resized images to save credits, an option to not compress certain images is also available.

If you are focussed on pagespeed, it is recommended to set your image quality at 70-80 to obtain the lowest filesize whilst still retaining high quality images.