Meant for AI using a wrapped Rubix ML library to make it very approachable 2021-08-12 02:45 UTC

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This package is about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition in Laravel.

The video tutorial with examples on how to use the library can be found here:

Video tutorial of the how to use AI in Laravel (full playlist)

Do AI with 2 lines of code:

$all_animals = DogsAndCats::all();

$report = RubixAi::train($all_animals, 'dog_or_cat');

that's it.

This creates a file in your laravel storage/ai_rubix/ folder that contains the model.

This model then will be used to predict:

$isDogOrCat = RubixAi::predict($needs_prediction);

echo $isDogOrCat; //prints ['dog']


composer require torian257x/ai-php-rubix-wrap-laravel

If there are any issues, please have a look at in case you are trying to do something special. I recommend as well installing tensor .

Default Estimator

new KDNeighborsRegressor() for regression (say estimation of price)

new KDNeighbors() for classification (say choose dog or cat)

Default Transformers

  new NumericStringConverter(),
  new MissingDataImputer(),
  $needs_ohe ? new OneHotEncoder() : false,
  new MinMaxNormalizer(),


You can choose your own estimator if you don't like the default Just be sure to pass it as argument to RubixAi::train(..., estimator_algorithm:<>)

Same for transformers.

You can customize the model file name as well as what attributes / columns to ignore.


This library is using a PHP standalone AI wrapper of Rubix ML