Google App Engine Pull Queue Library for PHP

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Pull Task Queues for PHP on Google App Engine

This library provides native PHP access to the Google App Engine PULL Task Queue.

At the time of writing there is no off-the-shelf way to access this from the PHP runtime.

ALPHA This library is in the very early stages of development. Do not use it in production. It will change.

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I find examples a great way to decide if I want to even try out a library, so here's a couple for you.


All the examples assume you have set up a pull queue called pullqueue in your queue.yaml file.

# My first pull queue
- name: pullqueue
  mode: pull

Add One Task

// Create a task and give it a payload
$obj_task = new \AEQ\Pull\Task();
$obj_task->setPayload('Some data here');

// Add the task to a named queue
$obj_queue = new \AEQ\Pull\Queue('pullqueue');

Lease then Delete a Task

// Create the queue
$obj_queue = new \AEQ\Pull\Queue('pullqueue');

// Lease 1 task
foreach($obj_queue->leaseTasks(1) as $obj_task) {
   echo $obj_task->getPayload(); // Do any work we want to
   $obj_queue->deleteTask($obj_task); // Delete the task once done

List Tasks

// Create the queue
$obj_queue = new \AEQ\Pull\Queue('pullqueue');

// List Tasks
foreach($obj_queue->listTasks() as $obj_task) {
   echo $obj_task->getName();

Install with Composer

To install using Composer, use this require line in your composer.json for bleeding-edge features, dev-master

"tomwalder/php-appengine-pull-queue": "dev-master"

Or, if you're using the command line:

composer require tomwalder/php-appengine-pull-queue

You will need minimum-stability: dev