Framework for PHP 5.5+

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v2.2 2015-05-18 19:35 UTC


Version 3 of the Framework.

This is a temp readme for beta testing.

*** Not for production use yet! ***


To be updated - 3.0 is currently been refactored. Once finalized, these instructions will be updated.

This has been tested with php 5.6 and php 7 (RC8), please report any bugs. This system has not been tested enough to be considered stable.

Namespace change

Classes in app/Controller, app/Model and app/Modules now have a namespace starting with App:

  • App\Controllers
  • App\Models
  • App\Modules
  • ...

That is only for classes within app. This is not needed for classes within system.

Error Log

The error log is no longer a .html file but rather a log file. On a production server it should be outside the document root, in order to see any errors there are a few options:

  • open system/logs/error.log
  • OR open system/Core/Logger.php, set $display to true to print errors to the screen
  • set $emailError to true and setup the siteEmail const in system/Core/Config.php. This relies on an email server (not provided by the framework).

Video introduction and setup

This is an introduction to 3.0 whilst in beta: how to install and get up and running with the major changes.