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Submit metrics for your php-resque jobs into StatsD/Graphite

dev-master 2013-05-03 04:51 UTC

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Last update: 2020-03-22 22:35:44 UTC


php-resque-statsd implements StatsD metric tracking into php-resque.

For each job picked up by php-resque, numerous metrics will be submitted to StatsD, including counters to track the number of jobs executed, and timers to track how much time php-resque workers spend working.

php-resque-statsd also includes support for tracking metrics for jobs scheduled with php-resque-scheduler. The appropriate listeners to track scheduled jobs are automatically registered, so no extra work is required on your behalf.

Using php-resque-statsd

php-resque-statsd exists as a single class (lib/ResqueStatsd.php), which has no additional dependencies beyond php-resque itself.

To start tracking your jobs with StatsD, all you need to do is include ResqueStatsd.php in your project.

If you're starting php-resque with the resque.php script supplied with php-resque, all that is required is a modification to the bootstrap file you supply to php-resque via the APP_INCLUDE environment variable:

require_once '/path/to/ResqueStatsd.php';

StatsD Connection Details

php-resque-scheduler will automatically check for the following environment variables if they exist and use them when connecting to StatsD:


To ease integration with existing setups, if either STATSD_HOST or GRAPHITE_HOST include a single colon and then one or more numbers, this will be interpretted as a HOST:PORT combination and both the host and port will be set accordingly.

If you don't use environment variables in your project, you can still tell php-resque-statsd where StatsD is located:

$host = '';
$port = 8579;

require_once '/path/to/ResqueStatsd.php';
Resque_Statsd::setServer($host, $port);


php-resque-statsd prefixes all metrics it generates with resque. You can override this behavior if desired:

require_once '/path/to/ResqueStatsd.php';

Queue Based Metrics

The metrics below are tracked for each queue, instead of each unique job:

  • stats.resque.queue.QUEUE_NAME.enqueued Counter of the number of jobs enqueued in this queue

  • stats.resque.queue.QUEUE_NAME.finished Counter of the number of jobs successfully processed in this queue

  • stats.resque.queue.QUEUE_NAME.failed Counter of the number of jobs that failed in this queue

  • stats.timers.queue.QUEUE_NAME.processed Timer for jobs processed in this queue

  • stats.resque.queue.QUEUE_NAME.scheduled If using php-resque-scheduler, number of jobs scheduled for future execution in this queue

For example, for all jobs executed in the queue transcode, the following StatsD metrics will be created:

  • stats.resque.queue.transcode.enqueued
  • stats.resque.queue.transcode.finished
  • stats.resque.queue.transcode.failed
  • stats.timers.resque.queue.transcode.processed
  • stats.resque.queue.transcode.scheduled

Job Based Metrics

Metrics are also tracked on a job level:

  • stats.resque.job.JOB_CLASS.enqueued Counter for the number of times this job has been enqueued

  • stats.resque.job.JOB_CLASS.finished Counter for the number of times this job has been successfully processed

  • stats.resque.job.JOB_CLASS.failed Counter for the number of times this job has failed

  • stats.timers.job.JOB_CLASS.processed Timer for the amount of time spent processing this job

  • stats.resque.job.JOB_CLASS.scheduled If using php-resque-scheduler, number of of times this job has been scheduled for future execution

For example, a job named Job_SendEmail the following metrics will be created:

  • stats.resque.job.Job_SendEmail.enqueued
  • stats.resque.job.Job_SendEmail.finished
  • stats.resque.job.Job_SendEmail.failed
  • stats.timers.resque.job.Job_SendEmail.processed
  • stats.resque.job.Job_SendEmail.scheduled


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