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Small and simple PHP library for dealing with cookies.

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Set cookie

use \tomkyle\Cookies\Cookie;
use \tomkyle\Cookies\SendCookie;
use \tomkyle\Cookies\UnsetCookie;

// Most simple
$c1 = new Cookie( "foo", "bar" );

// Optionally set expiration:
$c1->setExpiration( new \DateTime( "14day" ));

// Fire cookie:
new SendCookie( $c1 );

// Another example
$c2 = new Cookie( "any", "val", new \DateTime( "tomorrow" ) );
new SendCookie( $c2 );

// Delete from HTTP and $_COOKIE:
new UnsetCookie( $c2 );

Retrieve cookie

use \tomkyle\Cookies\Cookie;
use \tomkyle\Cookies\RequestCookie;
use \tomkyle\Cookies\SendCookie;

// Fire cookie:
new SendCookie( new Cookie( "foo", "bar" ) );

// Retrieve cookie from next request:
$rc = new RequestCookie("foo");
echo $rc; // outputs "bar"
echo $rc->getValue(); // outputs "bar"

Installation via Composer

This library has no dependencies. Install from command line or composer.json file:

Command line
composer require tomkyle/cookies
"require": {
    "tomkyle/cookies": "dev-master"

Classes Overview

  • interface CookieInterface
  • abstract CookieAbstract
  • Cookie extends CookieAbstract
  • RequestCookie extends CookieAbstract
  • SendCookie
  • UnsetCookie

Supported Attributes

  • Cookie name
  • Cookie value
  • Expiration/Life time
  • Not supported: Path
  • Not supported: Domain
  • Not supported: Secure (HTTPS only)
  • Not supported: http-only protection

PHP documentation on setcookie


Simply issue phpunit to run the test suites; you may have to composer updatefirst.