PHP ePayment library

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Tomaj/PHPPayments requires PHP 5.3.0 or higher.

If you would like to use wrapper classes from Tomaj\Epayment namespace you will need define some constants. You can find example in src/example_constants.php which is using monogram epayment simulator.


The best way to install Tomaj/PHPpayemnts is using Composer:

$ composer require tomaj/php-payments


This library is base on MONOGRAM epayment. I created this repository for composer to simplify adding this library to projects. You can found more information about library in or in my other forked github repository here ([].


For using ComfortPay you need to define this constants:

TB_COMFORTPAY_MID - constant from tatrabanka (use like tatrapay) TB_COMFORTPAY_WS_MID - constant from tatrabanka TB_COMFORTPAY_SHAREDSECRET - constant from tatrabanka (use like tatrapay) TB_COMFORTPAY_REDIRECTURLBASE - same usage as tatrapay TB_COMFORTPAY_TERMINALID - number from tatrabanka TB_COMFORTPAY_LOCAL_CERT_PATH - cert file path TB_COMFORTPAY_PASSPHRASE_PATH - path to file with passprase for cert TB_COMFORTPAY_REM - email address TB_COMFORTPAY_TEM - email address