The offical UX9 URL Shortener API.

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Official UX9 URL Shortener API. Visit for more Details.

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composer require tobymaxham/url-shortener


There are different ways how to get your short URL. If you are using Laravel than try out laravel-junkies/url-shortener. It's an Laravel Package where you simply can use this:

$url = Shortener::short('');


$shortener = new TobyMaxham\Ux9\Shortener($url = null, $config = null, $format = 'json');

// set the API Token

Where $url can be a valid URL or an array containing URL's. The $format is the output/return format you specified. If you don't enter a format it will take the specified format defined in the configuration Array or the 'json' format.

Get short URL


Short Version


Here you will always get the string of the short url.

Options and parameters

// default = json, alternativ plain, array


$config = [
    'FORMAT' => 'plain',

$shortener = new TobyMaxham\Ux9\Shortener($url = null, $config);