A package to manage newsletters in larave 5

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A package to manage newsletter in Laravel 5.


Register the Service Provider

// config/app.php
'providers' => [


We currently have essentially no documentation at the moment, but are working on it, and are open to pull requests.

How to use

Register a new subscriber

// Simply add a new subscriber.

// Attach the subscriber on a NewsletterList.
Newsletter::subscribe('', 'Evil Mailing');

// Add some user informations
Newsletter::subscribe('', ['firstname' => 'Heiko'], 'The Simple List');

Also you can remove a subscriber.

// Remove from all Newsletter Lists and delete from subscriber

// Only remove from a special list
Newsletter::unsubscribe('', 'Free Tutorials');

The name

By using this package you'll get more time to eat kraut.


TobyMaxham'S Kraut Newsletter is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).