Silverstripe Flat CMS Module

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1.1.1 2017-08-31 23:52 UTC

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Silverstripe Flat CMS

Minor update to the Silverstripe CMS to give it a flatter aesthetic.

Allows you to choose a base colour and site logo if wanted.

Get the goodness just like so:

composer require toastnz/flat-cms



You can choose several colours to make things pretty and inline with your preffered branding. Just put the following in your sites' config.yml file, or don't. The choice is yours.

  cms_highlight_colour : '#23282d'
  cms_success_color : '#0073aa'
  cms_error_color : '#d54e21'
  cms_style_tinymce: true

Also you have the option to upload your own logo that will sit in the top left hand corner of the CMS. We have our own one. Remove this because this is ours, unless you make fantastics sites. that you want no credit for. If nothing else put in the Silverstripe logo because they are amazing!!!.