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The name Phalex is a contraction of the words [Phal]con [Ex]tension.
Phalcon is good, which is the fastest one PHP framework. However, when I develop web applications based on the Phalcon native, I realized most is the lambda functions. This is not bad, fast development, but in my opinion, it is somewhat difficult to maintain and manage code. So, I built this project aims to pack a few things, such as the application configurations, routing ...

Phalex bases on Plug & Play Multi Modules mechanism, so you can easy to develop multiple modules for your application. Something good in Phalex

  • Configuration in Phalex application will be separated in each module. When runtime, Phalex auto merges all configurations into one, and you can easy to cache them.
  • You must not set view service for each module, Phalex bases on DRY concept, so you just config views_dir for module, when runtime, Phalex auto set view service for yours.
  • Router handler via configuration.
  • Auto load for each module via configuration and you can call class cross modules.
  • Default Error Handler, and you easy to extend or replace Phalex Error Handler
  • Highly Unit test with PHPUnit
  • And more ...

System Requirements

  • Require PHP 5.5 or later. (We recommend using latest PHP version whenever possible)
  • Phalcon Framework 1.3 or later (I don't test with Phalcon Framework 2.0, so I don't recommend use version 2.0 with Phalex)