Proxy generator that supports interception of method calls

1.1.0 2014-01-22 22:09 UTC

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Phroxy is a proxy generator. It's probably useful. You can use it to create a mock object, or to create a proxy and intercept methods on that proxy.


User composer:

  "require": {
    "tmont/phroxy": "1.1.x"


I don't feel like writing documentation, so take a look at the unit tests. There are examples of basic proxying as well as advanced method interception.

The basic gist is:

use Tmont\Phroxy\Interceptor;
use Tmont\Phroxy\InterceptorCache;
use Tmont\Phroxy\InterceptionContext;
use ReflectionClass;

class ReturnBeforeCallInterceptor implements Interceptor {
	public function onBeforeMethodCall(InterceptionContext $context) {
		$context->setReturnValue('oh hai!');

	public function onAfterMethodCall(InterceptionContext $context) {}

class MyClass {
	public function hello() {
		return 'hello';

$interceptor = new ReturnBeforeCallInterceptor();
InterceptorCache::registerInterceptor($interceptor, function($x) { return true; });

$proxy = $this->builder->build(new ReflectionClass('MyClass'));
$proxy->hello(); // "oh hai!"


git clone
cd phroxy
composer install