PHP port of ASP.NET MVC. Kind of.

1.1.1 2014-01-17 02:12 UTC

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This is a pseudo-port of ASP.NET MVC 3ish to PHP. I wrote it because I wanted to. It supports model binding, action filters, routing and all of the other good(ish) stuff about ASP.NET MVC.

It was more of an academic exercise than anything useful, but it actually does work pretty well.


Use composer:

  "require": {
    "tmont/facilius": "1.1.1"

Facilius uses PSR-4 autoloading, facilitated by composer. So the following will set everything up properly:

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';


There is an example hello world app in example/. It probably works. You can test it by running (cd example && php -S localhost:8000) and visiting http://localhost:8000/ in your browser.

Take a look at example/index.php to see how to set up the app.


git clone
cd facilius

# run tests
ant test

# generate code coverage in build/coverage
ant coverage