Tumblr API module for SilverStripe.

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v0.1-beta 2016-06-02 21:18 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-02-11 13:14:19 UTC


Silverstripe module to load Tumblr feeds via Tumblr API V2

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  • Silverstripe 3.x


    $ composer require tkiehne/silverstripe-tumblrfeed


  • Add to your mysite/_config/config.yml to extend the object of your choice:
            - TumblrPageExtension

or set the following call in mysite/_config.php:

  • Build and flush using /dev/build/?flush=1
  • Add Tumblr API keys and blog name via Admin > Settings > Tumblr tab (Register your application to get your API keys)
  • Place and Include call in your template (see below for options), e.g.:
    <% include TumblrPosts Posts=$TumblrPostsList %>

Call Methods and Options

All Posts

    TumblrPostsList($limit, $offset, $type, $options)

Proxy Methods for Specific Post Types

    TumblrTextPostsList($limit, $offset, $tag, $text)
    TumblrQuotePostsList($limit, $offset, $tag, $text)
    TumblrLinkPostsList($limit, $offset, $tag, $text)
    TumblrAnswerPostsList($limit, $offset, $tag, $text)
    TumblrVideoPostsList($limit, $offset, $tag, $text)
    TumblrAudioPostsList($limit, $offset, $tag, $text)
    TumblrPhotoPostsList($limit, $offset, $tag, $text)
    TumblrChatPostsList($limit, $offset, $tag, $text)

Single Post by ID

    TumblrPost($id, $text)


  • limit = number of posts to show, from 1 to 20 (API max limit)
  • offset = number of posts to skip
  • type = name of post type to retrieve (see below)
  • options = array of API options
  • tag = name of a tag to filter by (single tag only)
  • text = boolean flag; return plain text (true) or html markup (false, default) in text fields
  • id = numeric Tumblr post ID


By default, the include will call subsequent includes depending on post type. To customize the list container, override or create a copy of TumblrPosts. To customize the way that posts are displayed within the container, override the respective Tumblr[TYPE] or, if you've customized the container, create your own include.

Include variables follow the syntax and structure of the Tumblr API, based on the "posts" collection of the response. See the module's default includes for examples and be aware of template context.


This module uses SS_Cache to reduce the amount of API requests. Default cache lifetime is 30 minutes. You can change this value by putting this line in your _config.php (1800 is cache lifetime in seconds):

SS_Cache::set_cache_lifetime('tumblr_api_cache', 1800, 10);


Uses the official Tumblr API v2 PHP Client