Simple PDO abstraction for querying and other database utilities

v0.2.0 2024-06-11 02:14 UTC

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Last update: 2024-06-11 02:15:35 UTC


This project is a simple PDO abstraction for database querying and other utilities. It is still early stage and the interface is still being decided, with a good chance of breaking changes.

The two important classes that are likely to stay and remain similar to their description here are TJM\DB, which represents a PDO connection, and TJM\DB\Statement, which is a wrapper around a PDOStatement. DB has a query() method that can be passed a query and parameters. It will execute it and return a Statement from which we can fetch() our results. Example usage taking advantage of reuse of the statement:

$db = new TJM\DB('mysql:dbname=thedb;host=localhost', 'me', '12345');
$query = "SELECT id, name FROM posts WHERE id = :id";
foreach([5, 6] as $id){
	$query = $db->query($query, ['id'=> $id]);
	while($item = $query->fetch()){

Can optionally connect through SSH tunnel to remote server if sshID is set, optionally with sshDBConnection.

DB will automatically attempt to reconnect to the database if the connection is broken, which can happen in long running scripts, for example.

The query can be an array or object with a special format meant to make progressively building a query easier, but that interface is still being worked out. Examples of some of these formats that are currently supported can be seen in the unit tests, but there's a chance some of those won't be supported in the future.