This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

The Titon g11n package handles the localization and internationalization of your application.

0.11.4 2014-02-17 00:00 UTC


Handles the localization (l10n) and internationalization (i18n) of your application, also known as globalization (g11n). The g11n package provides a robust and extensible way to localize messages, provide locale aware patterns and rules, translate strings, and much more.

The G11n class manages locales, translators, and the initialization via HTTP accept headers.

use Titon\G11n\Locale;

$g11n = Titon\G11n\G11n:registry();
$g11n->addLocale(new Locale('en'));
$g11n->addLocale(new Locale('fr'));
$g11n->setTranslator(new Titon\G11n\Translator\MessageTranslator())
    ->setReader(new Titon\Io\Reader\PhpReader())
    ->setStorage(new Titon\Cache\Storage\MemcacheStorage());

If the route package is used in combination with the g11n package, automatic route resolving and URL locale prefixing can be achieved. The g11n LocaleRoute should also be used in place of the default Route.

$router->on('g11n', $g11n);

Fetching and translating strings is as easy as calling a single function. Of course the messages will have to exist in the resource lookup path.

$message = $g11n->translate('domain.catalog.id');
// or
$message = msg('domain.catalog.id');
// or
$message = __('id', 'catalog', 'domain');


  • G11n - L10n and I18n management
  • Locale - Locale configuration
  • Translator - Message bundle parsing
  • Utility - Extends Inflector, Format, Number and Validator
  • Route - Locale aware routing


  • Common
  • Event
  • IO
  • Cache (optional for Translator)


  • PHP 5.4.0
    • Intl
    • Multibyte
    • Gettext (for GettextTranslator)

To Do

  • Test gettext functionality
  • Implement TranslatableBehavior