Highly flexible calendar system for SilverStripe

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by Title Web Solutions

The calendar for SilverStripe 3.x is a solid base for all your calendaring needs, it's built to be flexible and configurable so that it fits to most scenarios - both for web sites with public events, and web apps with private events - or a combination hereof.

Read the blog post about this module on silverstripe.org



This was meant to be a premium module, but as of November 2014 we decided to open source it.

If you like it, and need help setting it up, we can do that for you. You can contact us here.
Below you'll find a wish list of features/amendmends we'd like to implement. If you miss a feature and/or would like to sponsor development, we're happy to do so at a discounted rate - if so, please contact us.

Pull requests are very welcome! But please, get in touch with us if you're planning to develop a feature.

You can also join the conversation about this module on Gitter: ![Gitter](https://badges.gitter.im/Join Chat.svg)


There's a demo site available on http://calendar.demo.title.dk.
On the demo site you can read more about the features, with practical examples.

The code for the demo is available at https://github.com/titledk/silverstripe-calendar-demo.
If you plan to use the calendar, start out installing this!


  • For SilverStripe 3.1.x: branch 1.0
  • For SilverStripe 3.2.x: master / branch 1.1

For tested versions check out the Calendar demo

Live examples

The module is used on the following sites:

Are you using this module on your site? Let us know!


  • Extensible. Customize it any way you want, while the basic concepts are taken care of.
  • Solid, opinionated models.
  • Event/Calendar/Category relations allowing complex filtering.
  • Public/Private events.
  • All features are configurable, so if you only need the basics, you can turn the rest off.
  • Comprehensive calendar/event administration.
  • JavaScript enhanced edit event form, usable both on frontend and backend, with date picker, time picker and dropdown, and duration dropdown, still allowing manual inputs
  • Listing of events on the frontend through the CalendarPage
  • Frontend calendar view, using the fullcalendar jQuery plugin
  • Event Registrations (this might be moved to an external module)
  • Calendar colors with configurable color options, and JS color palette field (works on both frontend and backend) - shading calendars allow for holiday calendars etc. to appear in the background
  • No default frontend styling.
  • Composer based workflow. You’ll be able to add and update the module using Composer.

Weak points at the moment

  • The event model and administration is solid, but is missing recurring events
    • See the bottom of this readme file for our "wishlist"
  • Frontend templates
    • The demo is overwriting much of the templates in the calendar
      • Includes should be more generic
    • preferably we should have a Bootstrap and a Foundation module for these
  • Frontend styling
    • Would be nice with some easy-to-include Sass mixins
  • Registrations See also this discussion on event registrations





Add at least the following to your project _config.php:


See CalendarConfig on how to configure the module.



Calendar Add event


Add event Fullcalendar List


Illustrations for the calendar structure are done in Omnigraffle.
The Omnigraffle document is part of this repository, under docs/img/silverstripe-calendar.graffle.


This illustration outlines the basic calendar concepts:



Current and planned structure (some of this might be moved to external repositories):


Plan: Private Calendars

NOTE: Parts of this is already developed, so please contact us if you're planning to work on this.


Plan: Shared Calendars



Wish List

  • Recurring events
  • Unit tests
  • Make everything translatable

Possible Improvements

  • Structure
    • consider using ss 3.1 config system
    • consider implementing the EventInterface, allowing everything to act as an event
    • hiding page types that are not enabled via the settings
      • see here for a reference
    • remove SS3.0 compatibility to make support for SS3.1 easier (make sure to make a tag w. SS3.0 compatibility)
  • Backend
    • Implement event search in sidebar (see CMSMAin->SearchForm())
    • Dashboard panel to display individual calendars' coming events, and jump to creation form
    • Backend usability review (together with concept review)
  • Frontend
    • template structure
      • go through includes and layout templates and see how they fit as building blocks
    • Change EventPage to be a DataExtension, and call it EventsPage. (We might need an update script for this.)


We're trying to stick to the Semantic Versioning paradigm. That is:

Consider a version format of X.Y.Z (Major.Minor.Patch). Bug fixes not affecting the API increment the patch version, backwards compatible API additions/changes increment the minor version, and backwards incompatible API changes increment the major version.


  • Go for the Master branch, if you want to live on the edge
  • Go for the latest version branch (e.g. 1.0) if you want minor changes and patches (choose the one that fit's your SilverStripe version, see above)
  • Go for the tags (1.0.0 and following), if you only want the actual releases

NOTE: If you think I'm missing something here, please let me know, @anselmdk on twitter, or through this repo's chat on Gitter.