Symfony bundle to add some easier to use event listeners for API Platform

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v1.1.1 2023-11-29 18:13 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-03-01 00:06:54 UTC



This Symfony bundle provides autoconfigured interfaces to more easily autowire lazy event listeners for API Platform.


Make sure Composer is installed globally, as explained in the installation chapter of the Composer documentation.

Applications that use Symfony Flex

Open a command console, enter your project directory and execute:

$ composer require timobakx/api-events-bundle

Applications that don't use Symfony Flex

Open a command console, enter your project directory and execute the following command to download the latest stable version of this bundle:

$ composer require timobakx/api-events-bundle

Then, enable the bundle by adding it to the list of registered bundles in the config/bundles.php file of your project:

// config/bundles.php

return [
    // ...
    TimoBakx\ApiEventsBundle\ApiEventsBundle::class => ['all' => true],


Create an event listener and implement one of the interfaces from the TimoBakx\ApiEventsBundle\ApiPlatformListeners namespace:


// src/EventListener/DoSomethingAfterWriting.php

namespace App\EventListener;

use Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Event\ViewEvent;
use TimoBakx\ApiEventsBundle\ApiPlatformListeners\AfterWrite;

final class DoSomethingAfterWriting implements AfterWrite
    public function __invoke(ViewEvent $event): void
        // Check for the correct object, method and/or operation name
        // Do something

The event listener will be automatically configured for the correct tag, including the correct event and priority.