A very small unit test library

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##I Expect

IExpect is a small unit test library for use in PHP. It's syntax is intuitive.

The assertion

I expect 3 * 2 to equal 6

can be put to the test with


How nice is that..

equals can be other things as well.. contains, hasKey (talking arrays here) and more.

More the negative type? How about $I->expect(1+1)->not()->equals(3).

While I'm still working at the documentation please refer to the source of the Expectation class what more it can do. In the demo folder you can find very useful examples as well.

You want more checks? It's easy to extend the Expectation class.

##I don't Expect.. ..you to expect is has the same functionality like say PHPUnit. If it did it wouldn't be small now would it? So don't expect mocks, stubs and things like that, or being able to test exceptions thrown.