Address handling for TYPO3 (since 6.2, estab. 2014) Development on https://github.com/tieupmedia/HwtTypo3HwtAddress

0.3.1 2021-04-07 07:32 UTC

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Install Note:

Name the extension folder "hwt_address"!


This TYPO3 extension provides a modern address handling since TYPO3 6.x, established in 2014. It adds an flexible address record, model and repository to your TYPO3. Furthermore it provides a frontend plugin based on extbase and fluid with flexible customisation options.


Conceptual + Backend

  • Manage universal address records for persons or companies in backend
  • Translatable records
  • TYPO3's assets field for adding multimedia elements to addresses
  • Relate addresses to addresses
  • Relate addresses to pages (aktivate field in extension manager, see docu)
  • Relate links to addresses, that allow flexible customization, e.g. for social/profile links.

Plugin - Frontend

  • Plugin for list and single view and zip search in frontend
  • Template-based handling and partial for "record wasn't found" in single view
  • Selectable template variants for each plugin action. Just configure new variants selectable in flexform via page TSconfig. Add related partials for output in frontend.
  • Advanced 'record not found' handling for single view. (Redirects to page or action, show a content element, show a standalone template, system's 'page not found' handler)


  • Integrated ke_search indexer
  • Namespaced Extbase extension
  • Installable via Composer


  • < 0.1.0 for TYPO3 6.2 - 7.6
  • >= 0.1.0 for TYPO3 7.6 - 8.7
  • >= 0.2.0 for TYPO3 8.7 - 9.5
  • >= 0.3.0 for TYPO3 9.0 - 10.4