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Allows administration of application parameters in the Yii2 framework.


Using Composer

$ composer require ticmakers/yii2-parameters

Applying migrations

$ php yii migrate --migrationPath=@vendor/ticmakers/yii2-parameters/migrations

Config Web.php

    'parameters' => [
            'class' => '\ticmakers\parameters\Module',
            'breadcrumbsBase' => [
                ['label' => 'Base', 'url' => ['/site/base']],
                ['label' => 'Base 2', 'url' => ['/site/base']],
        'nameSessionEntity' => 'session.entity',

Additional Information

In the database once the migrations are executed, the following tables will be created:

Table nameDescription
parameter_categoriesThis table stores the categories of the parameters.
parametersThis table stores the parameter informatión, type of element, options, mandatory, etc.
parameter_valuesThis table stores the default values or the selected value for each entity.

Data structure for the html_options column in the parameters table:

    "html_options": {},
    "widget_options": {}

In the html_options position, the configuration for the field to be created is stored, for example the popover, the custom classes or the structures to be painted. On the other hand, the widget_options position is used to store the widget configuration used, this only applies to fields that are not type, text or radio.

Data structure for columns with translations:

    "default": "example text",
    "language": {
        "es": "Texto de ejemplo",
        "fr": "Exemple de texte"

As we can see, in the default position we will put the default value for the translation and in the language position the translations for each language identifier will appear.


BSD-3-Clause. Created by: TIC Makers Developer Team.