Add SMS notifications using Free Mobile to your PHP projects

v1.1.1 2014-06-22 10:38 UTC


FreemobileNotificationSender (FNS, for short) is a simple PHP class to allow people to send SMS notifications using Free's APIs.


Firstly, you will need to setup your Free Mobile account to enable the SMS API. You will also find on Free Mobile's website the credentials you need to use the API.

Test the API

Copy the config.example.php file in order to edit it :

cp config.example.php config.php

Then edit config.php to match your API's credentials. Once everything is set, run testapi.php. You should receive a 160-characters SMS.

Integrating FNS in your own applications

If you are using Packagist to maintain your project's dependencies, you can use it to embed an updated version of FNS. Simply add this in your composer.json file :


If you're using Laravel, you may consider using aeyoll's FNS wrapper, available here.

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