Module for converting SilverStripe Pages to Google AMP HTML

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Converts pages to Google Amp HTML. For more information about AMP HTML see Google AMP Project Homepage.


  • SilverStripe 3.2.x


Composer (recommended):

composer require thezenmonkey/silverstripe-amp

If you prefer you may also install manually:

  • Download the module from here LINK
  • Extract the downloaded archive into your site root so that the destination folder is called silverstripe-amp, opening the extracted folder should contain _config.php in the root along with other files/folders
  • Run dev/build?flush=all to regenerate the manifest


The module automatically adds a link to your MetaTags pointing to the AMP HTML version of the page

A custom controller then renders your content using an AMP HTML version of the Page Template. <img /> tags are automatically converted to <amp-img /> before render.

Themes and Custom Page Types

The base Page type is, which can be overidden in your theme like any SilvserStripe Template. Custom Page Types can be rendered using in your theme.

To Do

This is an initial commit as proof of concept as such

  • Add Base Styling to Match Simple Theme
  • Create Modular Schema System
  • Add Configurable Scripts for Common Amp Components