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The main purpose of Zeus is to help you easily create hierarchical routes to RESTful controllers.

The initial code base for Zeus was created by @weierophinney over a series of articles on his blog, http://mwop.net/blog

Allow me to give credit where credit is due:

  • Building RESTful Services with Zend Framework 1
  • Responding to Different Context Types in RESTful ZF Apps 2

Why Zeus?

There are so many different RESTful implementations for Zend Framework, why bother creating another one?

The great majority of Zend Framework RESTful implementation require you to use Zend_Rest_Route. By default, Zend_Rest_Route creates these routes:


I find this kind of route to be ambiguous in a RESTful setting. Does the :id refer to the product or the rating? I would much rather see routes that look like this:


This is precisely what Zeus allows you to do.


Coming soon...

Using Zeus

Setting up Zeus

Add these lines to your application.ini files:


  autoloaderNamespaces[] = Zeus_  
  pluginPaths.Zeus_Application_Resource = "Zeus/Application/Resource"  
  pluginPaths.Zeus_Controller_Plugin = "Zeus/Controller/Plugin"  


  resources.zeus[] =  

RESTful Routes

There are two ways that you can create RESTful routes

Using PHP

  $route = new Zeus_Rest_Route(  
          'module' => 'products',  
          'controller' => 'ratings',  
          'action' => 'index',  
          'id' => '',  

Using an .ini file

  routes.productRatings.type = "Zeus_Rest_Route"  
  routes.productRatings.route = "products/:id/ratings"  
  routes.productRatings.defaults.module = "products"  
  routes.productRatings.defaults.controller = "ratings"  
  routes.productRatings.defaults.action = "index"  

RESTful Controllers

In order to use Zeus your controllers must, at minimum, implement Zeus_Rest_Controller. There are a couple of ways that you can do this

If you want your entire application to be RESTful, the easiest thing to do is to have all of your controllers extend Zeus_Rest_RestfulController

  class YourController extends Zeus_Rest_RestfulController 

Zeus_Rest_RestfulController will require all of your controllers to have the following methods: index, get, post, put, and delete.

If you only want certain controllers to be RESTful and allow other controllers to not be RESTful, you can have your RESTful controllers extends Zeus_Rest_BaseController and implement Zeus_Rest_Controller

  class YourRestfulController 
      extends Zeus_Rest_BaseController 
      implements Zeus_Rest_Controller
  class YourRegularController
      extends Zend_Controller_Action

RESTful Views

Coming soon...