Persistent configuration settings for Laravel 5 - Create, Read, Update and Delete settings stored in files using JSON

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Laravel 5 Setting

##Introduction This package is a fork of philf/setting, updated to work with Laravel 5.x.

##Description Persistent configuration settings for Laravel 5.x - Create, Read, Update and Delete settings stored in files using JSON.

As Philf said :

This package was the result of me not being able to save new settings to config files in a more persistent way.

This package was designed not to replace the config solution currently offered by Laravel but rather complement it and be used in unison with it.

By default the data is stored in base_path().'/storage/meta/setting.json' but this can be easily changed either in the config file or on the fly in realtime.

This package also provides a fallback for the Laravel Config facade, you can set it in the config, if the key is not found in the json file it will look it up in the Config facade.


For philf/setting: janhartigan (Treeface) Nils Plaschke (Chumper)

##Laravel 4.x users Please use philf/setting


Require this package in your composer.json:

For Laravel 5 -> 5.3

"thetispro/laravel5-setting": "1.0.x-dev"

For Laravel 5.4

    "thetispro/laravel5-setting": "1.1.x-dev"

Add the ServiceProvider to the 'providers' array in config/app.php

'providers' => [
// ... Illuminate Providers
// ... App 

If you want to use the facade, add the alias to the 'aliases' array in config/app.php

'aliases' => [
// ... Illuminate Facades    
'Setting' => Thetispro\Setting\Facades\Setting::class,

Finaly, publish the config file

$ php artisan vendor:publish


No other change from philf/setting;


return array(
'path'     => base_path('storage/meta'),
'filename' => 'setting.json',
'fallback' => true,

##Fallback capability built in. // Automatic fallback to Laravel config Setting::get('app.locale');

##Single dimension

set:        Setting::set('name', 'Phil')
get:        Setting::get('name')
forget:     Setting::forget('name')
has:        Setting::has('name')

#Multi dimensional

set:        Setting::set('names.firstName', 'Phil')
set:        Setting::set('names.surname', 'F')
set:        Setting::set('names', array('firstName' => 'Phil', 'surname' => 'F'))
setArray:   Setting::setArray(array('firstName' => 'Phil', 'surname' => 'F'))
get:        Setting::get('names.firstName')
forget:     Setting::forget('names.surname'))
has:        Setting::has('names.firstName')

#Array processing // Get all of the entries in the names array $names = Setting::get('names');
foreach ($names as $key => $val) { ... }

    // Get the whole array
    $everything = Setting::get();

You can also clear the JSON file with the clear command

clear:      Setting::clear()

Using a different path (make sure the path exists and is writable) *

Setting::path(app_path().'/storage/meta/sub')->set('names2', array('firstName' => 'Phil', 'surname' => 'F'));

Using a different filename

Setting::filename('setting2.json')->set('names2', array('firstName' => 'Phil', 'surname' => 'F'));

Using both a different path and filename (make sure the path exists and is writable)

Setting::path(app_path().'/storage/meta/sub')->filename('dummy.json')->set('names2', array('firstName' => 'Phil', 'surname' => 'F'));


Laravel 5 Setting is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license